Sunday, August 31, 2008

new start

As many of you know I have relocated to the Sacramento area, so that my husband can begin law school at McGeorge. My family and I are having a great time! I apologize if posts seem few and far between, but a new location, means a new start for me and my photography business. Which means things may be a little slow for a couple of months. Hopefully you don't mind pictures of my kiddos. They will be my little models as I discover new locations, and try to keep the creative juices flowing. Here are a few pics I have been wanting to post.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I had soooo much fun at this shoot!! I came home from it and I was giddy because I knew that we had gotten so many good pictures. Emilee is my cute next door neighbor and Katka is a foreign exchange student from Czech Republic that has come to live with Emilee's family for her senior year (she just got here two days ago.... brave girl to get right in front of the camera). It was fun to shoot young, hip teenage girls. They made me feel cool for the 1.5 hour that we were together. They had so many great ideas and were totally willing to do all the crazy poses I wanted them to do. I know I have tons of pictures but this is actually two photo shoots combined in one post (that is my justification for having 18, count them, 18 pictures in this post). Hope you enjoy!!

Katka is so good at the totally serious, America's Next Top Model poses! Love it!!

I love this picture - Emilee runs track so this picture shows her fun, sporty side and her sassy side.