Friday, May 23, 2008

Rain Puddles (or not)

This morning it was pouring rain, and Ellie asked if she could go outside and jump in the puddles. I thought, photo opportunity. "Sure honey, you can jump in the puddles, let's just get you ready." By the time we got Ellie dressed and her hair done, the sun had come out and dried up all the rain (I know how the itsy bitsy spider feels). Since I had Ellie outside, and ready to go I had to still get some pictures. Here they are, just no rain puddles.

I wanted to try and add some text to my pictures. I absolutely love how it looks! It reminds me of an advertisement or something. So cool!

This is the sorriest little rain puddle, but it was all that Ellie could find. She asked if she could jump in it and if I would still get her picture.

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