Sunday, September 21, 2008

in the pipeline

I don't want to leave this blog too long without a new post, so I wanted to post just a few random pictures of my girls around the house. I am excited because I have some shoots coming up these next couple of weeks. Thanks everyone for being patient with me. (i had to get this picture of Ellie's little nose because she is starting to get freckles, how cute is that!)

Who knew that a girl covered in food could look so beautiful and serene.

Don't you just love that big, toothy grin - Olivia is developing the funniest personality. She is the biggest dare devil. She is still a little wobbly when she walks but somehow she can climb on top of the table. She is a monkey!!


Jen said...

Ah, your girls are gorgeous! Can't wait for you to take some of my little ones! I'm excited to see how good they look when a "real" photographer takes their pics with a "real" camera!
BTW, no judging on Ellie and the jammies. We'd done the exact same thing the day before...I forgot my visiting teachers were coming and Em was still in her jammies 4 hours after she'd gotten up!

The Hansens said...

That is so awesome. I am completely jealous. I want to do more but I am stuck, you know the whole competition thing. Anyway, you are awesome that is so exciting that you are getting up and running already. Maybe someday.

Fraser's and Co. said...

totally cute pictures of your girls! What kind of camera do you use? It sure works great for your pictures!!

TheTandyFamily said...

I use a canon rebel - it is a great camera!