Thursday, October 23, 2008


Our dear friends, Matt and Jen Hampton just welcomed this little (and when I say little I really mean little) guy into their family. He was born at 32 weeks weighing in at the grand total of 3lbs 15oz. Click here to get the full scoop. Yesterday I was able to hold this sweet angel and what a great experience it was. I have never in all my life held a baby that small. If you think that you are careful with newborns try handling a preemie - I totally thought I would break him. Aiden is such a little fighter and is progressing everyday, and soon he will be home with his mom, dad and sister Emma who love him so much. Thanks for letting us share in this miracle! We love you guys!

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Jen said...

My baby is a celebrity!!! LOL. Seriously, thanks so much for coming to visit and take pics of my little guy. He's not so little anymore, so it will be fun to have these pics of him. You're the best!