Monday, December 29, 2008

hello beautiful!!

Today I set up the tripod and had one goal in mind - FAMILY PICTURE!! After a few tantrums from Olivia and a super slide on the ice from Ellie we got one. Yeah!! I am so excited! Now I know you are probably wondering - where are the pictures? Well...they will be coming soon, but I just wanted to give a little sneak peak with this (in my opinion) absolutely GORGEOUS picture of Ellie.
Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!!


Seamons Family said...

She looks so grown up! What a great you Ellie girl!

Fraser's and Co. said...

WOW... she is beautiful, and YOU are a great photographer If ours turn out to be HALF this good, I'll be more than happy!! Especially considering my little monster was on one, and she has been especially pleasant everyday since. Go figure. We had a blast!