Friday, April 10, 2009


BEAUTIFUL family (not like you needed me to tell you that, just look at the pictures).
While I was in Fresno I was able to shoot this sweet family. I have known Casey forever so it was fun to meet his wife Emily and cute son Cooper. They were so easy to work with which made my job super easy. I hope you guys enjoy!!

How sweet is Cooper's little face. I smile everytime I look at this picture.

I always have one picture from every shoot that I fall in love with - this is the picture that I fell in love with this time.


The Clevelands said...

LOVE them Michelle! I seriously love everyone! Thanks so much. We can't wait to see the rest!

Skyler said...
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Angie Cleveland said...

so stinkin cute! you are so AMAZING! Hope ours turned out ok. We may not be as photogenic as they are!

Bman said...

SO cute, I have gotten to know Emily through Mandy and I seriously don't think there would ever be a picture of her that isn't perfect. You did an awesome job once more.

Bman said...

except for that was Heather...sorry I am on Brent's side of the computer.