Tuesday, September 29, 2009

mandy lynne photography

I just had to point everyone in the direction of Mandy Lynne and her amazing photography. I discovered her blog a few weeks ago and I have never been so immediately inspired by someones talent, creativity and eye for capturing beauty. I have looked through her blog and website millions of times and everytime leave feeling the desire to be a better photographer.
This morning I checked on my photography blog, and literally was taken back when I saw that Mandy herself had left me, little old me, a comment complimenting my work. It brought a tear to my eye (no joke) and I am still spinning knowing that someone as amazing as her, took the time out of her schedule to even give my work a second glance. Clearly, in addition to her talent she is also a wonderful person.

Click on the link below to check out her work and get ready to be inspired.

Mandy Lynne Photography

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