Friday, November 13, 2009

who's that girl???

A little embarrassing, but yes I am posting pictures of myself...don't think that I am tacky! I needed a new profile pic because mine was seriously looking...well...not cute!! So...I asked my cute hubby Josh if he would quickly take a picture of me. I set the camera settings and told him what I was wanting, and he produced the above pictures. I was very impressed with his skills! :) He always surprises me with what he can do...I am very lucky!


Sara Cheever said...

Don't know if you know who I am but I am Sara Cheever. My dad was Joshua's mission pres in Peru. I sure LOVE your blog. You are so talented and wish we lived close so you could do my family/kids pictures!.
I added your blog to my blog. Hope that's okay with ya. With that kind of talent I had to show off my friend's blog!
You have a cute family!

Rick said...

Love ya lots Michelle!