Thursday, December 10, 2009

skip and sue

My in-laws are so sweet and cute and wonderful and...well...I am just lucky to have them. I love that they are still so much in love. Taking pictures of them is so natural because they just cozy right on up to each other and look so happy and I just get to stand there are snap away. I just love these pictures and the story that they tell...two people happy and in love!

There is no way this little miss was going to let me take pictures of her Papa and Grandma and not be allowed to tag along.

And then the snow came, but I just love the cozy feel that it brought to the last couple of pictures. Perfect!

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Brie said...

I love these pictures. I hope that Adam and I look like that after being married for a longer period of time. They really do seem some much in love. Like their stuck in the newlywed stage!