Wednesday, April 7, 2010

loving you is beautiful

I am so happy to have some beautiful pictures of me and my cute man. Even more happy (and proud) of the photographer who took these pictures...ready for five year old Ellie. Of course I did the editing but we all know that you have to start with a quality picture and editing only enhances that quality. What a great memory these photos will always be.


The Hansens said...

you almost made me cry...that is so sweet! She did an amazing job!!! You are such a great mom!

Rick Lee said...

Ellie, I love the pictures you took of Mommy and Daddy! You are a talented photographer like Mommy! Keep up the good work.

Love ya,

Grandpa Rick

Cortney said...

michelle, i miss you! love the pics. love them.

Rachel said...

Ahh, yummy sun flare. That's what I've been missing shooting on all these overcast days. But, things are looking up. Love the pics and the close-ups of your girls are stunning. You've got skills, girl.