Wednesday, January 28, 2009

j.m.e and no o

I have been wanting to post these family pics for a while now but truthfully I bad! While we were in Utah we set up the tripod and crossed our fingers. After about ten minutes, Olivia decided that she needed to slip on the black, wet asphalt and get her cute little outfit completely covered in black (not an exaggeration) - hence the fact that there are no individual pictures of Olivia. However, we did manage a few good pics and I wanted to share them with everyone. I just look at these pics of my little family and feel happy inside :)

P.S. I have been trying some new editing techniques with textures. Let me know what you think.

Yup he's mine!!

...also here is the whole family.


Fraser's and Co. said...

michelle... LOVE THEM. you rock! love the one of ellie... love the colors, background, and textures!

The Hansens said...

oh there...awesome, did you really have to ask. I have been so far from photography for a while, so it makes me a little sad, to see your way cute family pics. Although I do have a couple of new born shoots coming up. That should be interesting, as well as some family pics, we'll see.