Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ware family

This is my dear friend Kenz and her cute little family. Kenz and I have been friends for a very long time and were even roomates in college. We have spent a lot of those great moments in life together and her friendship has always been so special to me. All I have to say is, "Hello Pat!!" :) These pictures are beautiful and I just love the country feel of them. The lighting was great and the subjects were wonderful and so coooperative - as a photographer you can't ask for more. Kenz, I hope you enjoy these.

Love the burst of light!! Stunning group of ladies!


Janelle Ehat said...

Michelle you did such a great job with these! Kenzie your family is GORGEOUS!! What fun treasures!

Jeremy and Mackenzie Ware said...

So, I've already told you how much I love these, but I just wanted to say it again. Miche you are amazing! My kids were not nearly as cooperative as you say and that's why these pics are such a miracle. Love the look of those trees in the background where we're on the blanket. Very cool feel to it.

Fraser's and Co. said...

your pictures continue to get more adorable everytime you post. Can't wait to see the wedding pictures