Friday, January 29, 2010

the jolley family

This is a super fun family and I just so happen to be lucky enough to have know the mom and dad since high school.

Yes, Morgan did give me a salt coverd donut and passed it off as a sugar donut. Yes, I did eat it thinking he was being really nice. Yes, I did realize that he was totally full of it and I am pretty sure he got punched in his arm by me.

I took a roadtrip from California to Utah with Cascia and all we had was a battery powered CD player to listen to. When we were stuck in traffic I might have gotten out of the car and started jogging in place next to the car in front of us so they would feel like they were actually moving. I think Casica kept pretending to be asleep so she could get off the hook from driving.

If you couldn't tell, I have had tons of laughs with these two and think that they are wonderful!

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Rick Lee said...

I really like the photo where the Dad is holding his boys on his shoulders. Very cute!